About me

My current research investigates:

  1. How to harness semantic web and linked data in developing next generation Electronic Public Service Infrastructures and in enabling joined-up policy making and more transparent government processes
  2. How to extract salient information from the social web to inform proactive engagement and management of citizens and to support policy making
  3. How to drive open innovation in Smart Cities through open data

Specific research themes of interest include:

  • Open  Data  and  Big Data Policy Design
  • Open Government Strategies
  • Linked Open Data and Linked Enterprise Data in Government
  • Personalization of Electronic Public Services
  • Open Innovation in Smart Cities
  • Measurement Technology Innovation in E-Government

As E-Government and Information Systems Practitioner I develop:

  1. Policy and Strategies for Open Data and Government Programs
  2. Strategies for E-Government and Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D)
  3. Vocabularies and Ontologies to support information integration, knowledge management and interoperability in Government
  4. Process and Software Tools for aligning Technology with Public Administration Reform and development related programs



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