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Head porters in Ghana

Mobile governance: Head porters in Ghana

A promising strategy to promote good governance is the harnessing of opportunities provided by the use of mobile phones, which are widely accessible to most segments of society. A study recently presented at the International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance, of which two authors are from the UNU-IIST Centre for Electronic Governance, investigated the strategic use of mobile technologies by governments to achieve the desired development and social inclusion outcomes. The study focused on the case of migrant head porters – local micro-logistics service providers – from Ghana. Its implications include supporting policy efforts for achieving the Millennium Development Goals on poverty alleviation and gender (specifically, women’s empowerment).

Full article can be found at: http://unu.edu/publications/articles/mobile-governance-head-porters-in-ghana.html

The publications is available at http://i.unu.edu/media/unu.edu/publication/17999/icegov2011-p1751.pdf